The INBAL DANA DESIGNERS studio was founded in 2017 and is in the center of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
The studio specializes in planning and architectural design on a diverse scale of luxury houses and apartments, hotels, public spaces, and commercial and office spaces in various projects in Tel Aviv and beyond. The studio is owned and managed by Inbal Timur and Dana Kalmanovich.

After over a decade in which they were involved in the management, planning, and design of various projects in leading companies in the industry, his friend Inbal and Dana founded the studio through which they apply their planning and design philosophy while ensuring a high level of service.
For us, the term planning and design expresses the use of language and details that create a unique story for each space.



Our planning and design philosophy harmonizes the various programs while focusing on functionality and aesthetics. This approach is made possible through continuous dialogue and investigation with new building materials, creative perception, and their combination.
The studio applies an eclectic and holistic approach to planning and design, expressed in rich and unique spaces, clean lines, various materials, and a meticulous selection of accessories.
Inbal and Dana bring an original and functional perspective based on experience and long familiarity with the field of planning and design, and contractual execution.
A process that begins with initial plans continues to a coordinated design incorporating precise details using a rich palette of materials and shades.
The resulting products express a rich, tight, efficient, and precise design that does not compromise functionality.
Each project is unique and personal, and as such, we lead and are involved in the entire process.

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